Can You Get Enough Whey Protein by Drinking Milk?

The simple answer is probably “no”. You may think that by drinking plenty of milk you would get enough whey protein, but it’s highly unlikely. Unfortunately, milk contains only about 1% of whey protein. Maybe by drinking 20-30 glasses of milk, you might be able to get just enough whey protein for building your muscle.

If you need whey protein, your best bet is powdered whey protein which can be purchased basically every where. But when you go out purchase one, please spend some time and read the label. There are so many different brands available out there, but many come with so many added ingredients. I’d avoid one that is full of added ingredients. I personally don’t even like highly flavored protein such as chocolate and strawberry. I just don’t enjoy drinking artificial taste.

Again, read the labels and check the quality. Consider testing organic whey protein brands also.

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